General Economic overview
Capital Gaborone
Population (millions) 2.2
Business language English
Sovereign rating1 A-
Power utility Botswana Power Corporation (BPC)
Main mobile operator Mascom Wireless
Main export destination Belgium
Source of main import South Africa
Primary export Diamonds
Primary import Diamonds
Source: IMF, EIU, S&P, RMB Global Markets

Note: 1. Long-term foreign currency rating as at the end of July 2018. Trading statistics as at 2017
Macroeconomic overview2
Real GDP growth (y/y, %) 4.5
Real GDP (US$bn) 18
Real per capita GDP (US$) 7 952
Headline inflation (average %) 3.2
Policy rate (%) A5.0
Budget balance (% of GDP) -3.5
Gross Government debt (% of GDP) 15.0
Current account balance (% of GDP) 2.8
Monetary policy objective Price stability and maintaining crawling peg
Source: IMF, EIU, Fitch ratings, RMB Global Markets

Note: 2. Policy rate as at end August 2018 and inflation is the twelve-month average to July 2018 average. All other macroeconomic indicators are 2018 estimates.
Foreign Exchange info
Currency Pula
ISO code BWP
De facto classification Crawling peg
De jure classification Crawling peg
Main cross US dollar
Risk on main cross Volatility

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