We create and develop quality and custom-made solutions to protect our clients against interest rate, currency, liquidity, commodity, equity and credit risks.

Risk Management Solutions

Our Global Markets specialists provide a range of risk management and hedging solutions to protect clients against the interest rate, currency, liquidity, commodity, equity and credit risks.

Interest rate risk solutions

Changing interest rates can reduce returns or increase borrowing costs. We offer a range of interest rate risk solutions to protect our clients from these risks.

  • Bonds – one of four primary dealers in government bonds
  • Derivatives – we create structures of any complexity

Currency risk solutions

We protect our clients against fluctuating exchange rate risks to avoid reduced earnings and protect their offshore assets.

  • Forex dealing – we give our clients access to an experienced team of dealers
  • African and G20 currencies – cross-border sales and trading for African institutional clients
  • Foreign exchange options – we offer hedging solutions to corporate and financial institution clients

Commodity risk solutions

Our team of commodity traders offers investors opportunities to hedge, diversify and enhance their commodity trading strategies.

  • Trading – covers the entire commodities complex
  • Dollar Custodial Certificate – a solution to globalise your retained earnings into a highly liquid, dollar-based asset

Credit Risk Solutions

Changing credit spreads can reduce investment returns or increase borrowing costs. Our team offers a range of innovative credit risk mechanisms to mitigate these risks.

Liquidity Risk Solutions

We provide liquidity solutions by facilitating funding through capital markets using commercial paper and corporate bond markets. Our Money Market team offers professional investors a comprehensive range of products and services.

Equity Risk Solutions

We manage equity exposure across all major indices and stocks. Our extensive structuring and trading capabilities enable us to help our clients execute equity risk management strategies efficiently.

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