Botswana — General economic overview

Capital Gaborone
Population (millions) 2
Business language English
Sovereign rating A: long term; A-2: short term
Power utility Botswana Power Corporation
Main mobile operator Mascom
Main export destination European Union
Primary export Diamonds
Primary import Diamonds (26.7%) and
Fuel (16.9%)

Macroeconomic overview

Real GDP growth (%) 3.2% (June 2013)
Real GDP P18.6984 billion
Real per capita GDP P9,349 million
Headline inflation (average%) 5.6% (August 2013)
Policy rate (%) 1.8%
Broad money growth (%) 9% (June 2013 y/y)
Budget balance (% of GDP) 15% surplus (October 2013)
Government debt (% of GDP) 27.5% deficit
Monetary policy objective Inflation (3–6)% range

Note: 1. Policy rate as at Date 14 August 2013; all other macroeconomic
indicators are year estimates. Source: Bank of Botswana and CSO

Botswana Foreign Exchange 1
Currency Pula
ISO code BWP
De jure classification Foreign Exchange
Main cross USD/BWP
Risk on maincross USD/ZAR and SDR currency